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Delving into the Robins past reveals where his extensive knowledge stems. Having completed an engineering and management course at Loughborough in the mid sixties. He began working for a racing company preparing Morgan's, Mustangís, AC Cobraís and Camaroís for the track.

Working full-time, preparing cars, his racing career had to start somewhere but on two wheels. Many a lap record was broken and many a race won. Four years of racing Aermacchi and Yamaha then saw his passion for V8ís culminate when given the chance to prepare and race his Martin powered V8 (straight from an F1 of the day) Escort.




This was the beginning of a long and successful racing career that saw him take over 100 chequered flags in his Escort V8, Morgan Plus 8ís and of course the obligatory Camaro.



For 13 seasons he was putting his driving and turning skills to the test, setting new lap records all over the country and adding to his extensive collection of trophies. With all that experience, Robin found himself in demand by various American car and motor-sport specialists. Whilst managing the renowned Cliff Davis Cars, in West London, Robin, along with the company Directors, established the A.S.C.A.R. (American Saloon Car Auto Racing) series.




surprisingly the A.S.C.A.R series was dominated by Robins ďroad legalĒ Camaro SS.

The inaugural A.S.C.A.R. Championship trophy was lifted in 1980 with seven wins out of the 12 races of that season.

Although Robin "retired" from the sport in 1980, watch the events and media page for a possible return to the sport in 2004



Robin worked for a number of companies in the early 80s but after breaking a Trans-Ams and selling the parts, it occurred to Robin that there were no specialists serving this niche market. Whatís more, the cars had seen a recent resurgence in popularity, all thanks to the films and TV shows, such as Smokie and the Bandit and Knight Rider

In 1985 Autopontiac was born.




From the early days business was good, for example the company completely rebuilt 15 V8 engines in 1989 alone. Over the years the nature of their work expanded but rebuilds still play an important part of their business today. Robin says ďUnlike the Chevy 350, few people are clued up on the Pontiac 400. It is a very different engine and needs to be

 treated in a particular way. Whereas the Chevy unit thrives on high revs, the Pontiac is designed for torque and shouldnít be over revved and itís tuning differs from its American counterparts, such as Ford & Chevrolet. Itís an amazingly capable engine when itís looked after and has certainly proved to be a firm favorite with drag racers in the past.




When Classic American  paid Autopontiac a visit they had just re-built an Eighties Camaro engine and well on their way to completing a í57 Chevy motor too. Customers donít only pay Autopontiac a visit when they have problems with their cars, often itís purely when they want a bit more oomph ! If itís more bhp you want, then Autopontiac is the place to visit. With Robins racing knowledge, he is more than capable at extracting that little bit of extra performance. Along with his exhaust modifications your car will sound as good as it drives. Choose between a standard, slight performance or full-blown exhaust and headers option. Removing the catalytic converter is a regular request for that extra bit of power. A modification which can usually results in a lower emission reading than an equivalent aged European vehicles.

Robins racing history, including 15 years of throwing Camaro and Pontiacs around Brands Hatch and Castle Coombe, is essential when asked to alter a vehicles handling characteristics. After making modifications, a test and tune track day-out will completely disprove the theory that American cars donít handle !

Having entered the new millennium, Autopontiac has invested heavily in U.S. based training and diagnostic equipment to keep up to date with third generation and later, computer controlled F-Bodies

2002 saw Autopontiac move to itís current location :


Phoenix House
10-12 Hounslow Gardens

Tel:- 020 8894 5930

Autopontiac is:

 ďThe One Stop F-Body Experience ! Ē

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