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Autopontiac - "in" the races 2004





Historic Sports Car Club

Robin is currently running in the Historic Sports Car Club 70s Road Sports. A, in a 1978 Pontiac Trans-Am.

The Historic Sports Car Club run approximately 10 series at all of the countries major circuits.

The 70s Road Sports Championship is for road going cars, which can be driven to and from race meetings (and is encouraged) This negates the cost of trailers and tow cars etc. Road driving the car to the venue is not obligatory but extra points are awarded if you do

The Regulations set down the rules and modifications allowed for the cars. Particular attention is paid to keeping costs down. The car must remain a close to the original production standard as possible although springs, dampers and brake pads can be up-rated. Limited engine tuning is allowed but the retention of standard carburation and banning of steel crankshafts, for example, limits expenditure on engine preparation. Each car must comply with its detailed Vehicle Identity Form signed off by the Registrar before it can race and random checks are carried out during the season to ensure fairness for everyone.

Cars are divided into various es:-
A all cars over 3 litres
B all cars between 2 and 3 litres
C fibreglass bodied cars 1.3 - 2 litres
D metal bodied cars 1.3 2 litres
E all cars up to 1.3 litres
F all Lotus 7s
G Invitation .

The overall championship is won by the driver with the most points in , which means a good driver in a relatively inexpensive car can still take the overall award. A Lancia Beta Coupe and Triumph GT6 from D have won 3 championships in seven years between them for example. Grids have built up very well over the years with a wonderful diversity of different makes and models. There is always very close competition for both and overall honours.

For more information on the the club, the races, various championships and the venues, click on the following links http://www.hscc.org.uk
For more information about the 70s Road Sports, Click here http://www.70sroadsports.com





 1978 Pontiac Trans Am 
  • Owner : Neville Day
  • Driver : Robin Gray
  • Engine : Pontiac 400ci
  • Induction : Rochester Quadra-Jet
  • Transmission : 4 speed Manual
  • Brakes : Front Disc - Rear Drum